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Welcome at the Galgenberg Dorm
in Wuerzburg

Where is the Galgenberg (Gallowhill) located?
How can I get myself a room?
Who are my contact persons?
What can I expect here?
The Galgenberg ´s History
To sign in at University

Where is the Galgenberg?
The address is:

Am Galgenberg 52
97074 Würzburg

How can I get myself a room?

Of course, you have to be signed in at University..
If you are so, go to the Studentenwerk in the Studentenhaus downtown. There you need to see Mrs. al-Ghusain, Room 138, Phone: 0931/8005-107.

If you are interested in further infos or in the conditions of the application for admission, just follow the hyperlinks.

Who is my contact person?
Conditions for application,
dates for moving in,
room allocation:
Mrs. Frau al-Ghusain, Room 138, Tel: 0931/8005-107 in the Studentenwerk.
Dates for moving out, fixings, modem allocation, ... This is our janitor.
Studentic stuff

Here we have Tutors being responsible for almost everything concerning free- time activities, like Bar evenings, events, dorm- meetings...

Moreover, there are Helpers and Admins, who are in charge of the dorm- web and it´s users.

What can I expect here?
We have a volleyball field right next to the dorm. The net and the bars can be taken on loan.

In our communitiy house you can find among other things:
  • table tennis...
  • a lumbered gym room...
  • a TV room, with a TV screen ;o)...
  • a music room for bands, including a private drum set, and a room for practicing piano etc...
  • ...and last but not least, the large party room on the 2nd floor. This is the location for bar evenings taking place every second week during the semester (with tasty cocktails for little money), and of course the famous Gallow- Party once a semester.
    This room, just like the smaller party room including a kitchen, can be used for private parties.
  • Oh yes... and if you want your sweaty shirts clean and pleasantly again on the day after such a party, surely we also have washing facilities. In our laundry room there are three washers and two driers.The coins for them are to be bought at the janitor´s..
    Right next to it is the drying room for hanging up your clothes.
    Well, and if that is still not enough for you to occupy yourselves, you can participate in one of our workshops which momentarily are:

The Galgenberg´s history

We own our name and also our logo for a reason:

The hill our dorm is located on really was a place where justiciary performed, what they considered justice: executing poor souls by hanging them.
The first gibbet was carpentered on the Gallow Hill in the year of 1796 by the order of the archduke Charles after the victorious battle against french revoluzzers. For further details have a look at the memorial tablet placed at the pub "Letzter Hieb".

So, if you´ re planing to spent a night or two here at the Galgenberg, remember, when you go to bed, what has happened here in early times...and who might be burried under our house :o)

Anyway, later, more precisely, from february 1998 on, the Galgenberg became harborage for similarly poor souls... since at this time the doors of the dorm were opened for the first undergraduates. And so the suffering continues in terms of tests and diploma surveys and other sorts of terrifying trials the university acquires.
But fortunately, the Galgenberg- inhabitants are shiny happy people spending at least some of their time with partying, playing volleyball, barbequing and other fun stuff.
Well, to be even honest....there are only few reports of having actually seen a Galgenberg- inhabitant in the University... :o)

To sign in at university

So you have decided to spent your studying time or at least a semester here in Wuerzburg.

Well, there´s one more thing you need to do: signing in.

This has to be done at the Sander University, room no. 111 or 112.

Further information about admission, and everyting you will have to bring along for this occasion, see on the homepage of the student´s office
The tuition fee for one semester is at 60,20 Euro at the moment (march 2002), including the fee for the student´s office and the semester ticket for using all the public city transportation.

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